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Traceability in agile methods

Time: Thursday, November 13th, 2008, 15:30-16:30

Place: Lund Institute of Technology, Building E, room E:4130 aka LUCAS-room

Title: Traceability in agile methods

Presenters/hosts: Marcus Jacobsson (LTH)

In traditional software development having traceability is important. You need to keep track of how different artifacts link together and how they are related, especially when you have a long requirements process.

In Scrum and XP the requirement process is changed and you have smaller implementation cycles. The agile way is to have less documents and more knowledge in the team. But can we achieve fewer documents but more documentation (focused on tracing information)?

How is it when we are using an agile method like Scrum or XP? Do we need traceability or do we have transparency? Can we make tracing easy and agile?