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Software Configuration Management

Configuration Management Coffee Meeting

Time: Thursday, November 14th, 2013.

Place: Lund Institute of Technology, Building E, room E:4130 aka LUCAS-room

Title: How Can/Should CM Support Variants?

Host: Otto Vinter, Software Engineering Mentor.

Variants of products have always been around (e.g. automobile engine-sizes). However, in recent years variants have become even more pervasive (e.g. different platforms, language and cultural options). Ultimately our customers want personalized solutions. Therefore the importance of handling and supporting variants has become crucial for the survival of businesses.

CM has until now mainly been concerned with variants as just another type of Configuration Item, but this is clearly not sufficient to-day. In this CMCM we will explore the subject of variants.

We will discuss the following questions: What is a variant? Which types of variants exist? How can/should CM support variants?