Scandinavian Network of Excellence
Software Configuration Management

Configuration Management Coffee Meeting

Time: Wednesday, March 5th, 2014.

Place: Sony Mobile, Lund, room to be announced

Title: Work models for big software eco systems

Hosts: Christian Pendleton, Softhouse - Janne Magnusson, Sony Mobile - Lars Bendix, LTH

When you are collaborating with many people on a huge system, you might not want to get the latest (and maybe not so greatest) version every time you do an update/pull. Maybe for a small group of trusted developers, but mainly you want only quality assured changes and sometimes only if they are "significant" changes.

At this point you might be ready to sell your grandmother for a versioning tool that supports the composition model, which allows you to set up flexible and powerful selection criteria do define the world as you would like to see it (and have it updated). If you are using ClearCase, you are home free - but what if you are using other popular tools like git, svn or mercurial? Do they support the composition model or what do we need to do to "fake it"?

At this CMCM we will explore the composition model and look at how it can be used and - most importantly - how it can be implemented.

This CMCM is, in part, inspired from this discussion (in Danish):