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Software Configuration Management

Configuration Management Coffee Meeting

Time: Tuesday, April 4th, 2017, 17:00-19:00. Place: the IT University in Rued Langgaards Vej 7, Copenhagen, room 3A54.

Title: Continuous Delivery? Easy! Or maybe not that easy?

Host: Lars Bendix, SNESCM

Different companies are reporting different experience from their Continuous Delivery transformations. Are there some things in Continuous Delivery that are inherently difficult? Are there some issues that create challenges in some context, but not in others? Are there some practices that should be in place first to support a smoothly running Continuous Delivery pipeline?

Based on two papers reporting experience from industry in introducing Continuous Delivery, we will start a discussion about the validity and generality of their experience. Have you had the same problems? Have you found a way to solve/avoid them? Did you go through your transformation without experiencing the problems. Did you experience a different set of problems?

The format will be a "fishbowl" discussion. Three-four people sitting in the middle on chairs and the rest of the people standing in a circle around. You are only allowed to talk when you have a chair. When you don't want to take part in the discussion anymore, you get up and give someone else the possibility to take a chair (and discuss).

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