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Software Configuration Management

Configuration Management Coffee Meeting

Time: Wednesday, November 24th, 2021, 15:30-16:30 (CET).

Place: video conferencing at your own computer.

Title: The role of SCM in a DevOps context

Host: Lars Bendix, - Christian Pendleton, Curious Island

... or maybe more in general "the role of SCM in modern software development"?

One of the conclusions in our recent white paper "Bringing Software Configuration Management and DevOps together" was that: SCM-work changes in a DevOps context - the operational SCM-work is no longer carried out by SCM people and the strategic SCM-work will change in nature.

Sometimes when we talk to DevOps (or Agile) practitioners it seems like they have the idea that their development methodology is "self-contained and complete" and they have a hard time understanding that they might need a little more (like SCM) than that. Waterfall practitioners do not seem to have the same difficulty. Why is there this difference? Are the DevOps practitioners right?

At this CMCM, we would like to discuss the following questions with you to have your ideas, opinions and input - in particular for the last two bullets:

To have good discussions, we assume that you have read the white paper before the CMCM. You can find it here:

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