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Configuration Management Coffee Meeting

Why should you participate in a CMCM?

Because it is worth the time - and even more than that. You should consider that as a configuration manager you service and support a group of 8-100 people. If you pick up just one single thing that can make each person save a couple of seconds a day - then your investment of time (hopefully paid for by your company) will be fully repaid in a short time.

Why should you propose and host a CMCM?

The short answer: because it is worth it!

The slightly longer answer: because a small investment of time will get you one hour of free help from a group of 5-12 (Software) Configuration Management experts!

The long answer: In general there are two types of topics as CMCMs: solutions and problems.

For a "solutions-CMCM" you have (had) a problem and have come up with what you find is a good solution - but are a little uncertain if it may also be the most optimal solution.
For a "problem-CMCM" you have a problem that has been tormenting (or puzzling/intriguing) you for some time - you have sort of an idea of what the problem is, but don't really know how you could go about addressing it.

FAQ: can I have more than one CMCM on the same topic? Yes, but not on the same day!

Did we manage to sell the idea? Contact the organizers. We can manage the setup and have the mailing list and can provide you with some "support material".