What do we know about Continuous Delivery? - Lars Bendix

Usually the task of research is to create clarity and insight to drive progress. However, for Continuous Delivery (CoDe) and DevOps it seems like industry is running far ahead of research and driving things - and research could need a helping hand. But people "just doing it" often tend to go in many different - and passionate - directions.

What is CoDe/DevOps? If you look in four different places for an answer, you will get about five different "definitions" - spanning from "semi-religious movement" to "use this/our tool".

Does CoDe/DevOps work - and why? Often the answer is: "it works, trust me" or "it works for me/us". But why? What is it that you do? And will it work for me too - that is, is what you do reproducible?

Is it really a fact that CoDe can give you 200 times faster lead times? Is it just fiction that CoDe will give you 60 times fewer failures?

There is still a lot of work to be done to create clarity and insight. In this talk we will shed light on some of the things that we actually know - and maybe bust a myth or two.