Software Configuration Management Sales Pitches - Sara Cavallo

How do you explain what (S)CM is and what is your work as a Configuration Manager to an "outsider"?

This "outsider" might be your mother (or father) asking: son, what is it you do when you go to work? Or you meet the CEO of your company in the elevator and he asks you: what is that you do for this company? The project manager might put it more bluntly: why should I pay (part of) your salary? Or you need to convince the developers that your are not always putting obstacles in front of them, but you (SCM) can actually help and support them.

Sometimes you have like "elevator time" (or your father's attention span;-) - other times you will get a podium from where you can communicate - until they "pull the plug" after five minutes.

The purpose of this project is to create different SCM "sales pitches" for different audiences and of different lenghts/detail.