What's in a word? - Lars Bendix

Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, DevOps DevSecOps, DevTestOps - a favourite child has many names.

Terminology is very important when we communicate to be sure that what is understod is also what was meant. Is Continuous Deployment the same as DevOps? Is Continuous Integration the same as Continuous Delivery? If it is, why do we then have two different words with the same meaning? If not, what are then the differences (and similarities) between the two concepts?

In this micro-tutorial, I will dig deeper into each of these concepts. I will analyse some "common definitions" of the concepts and investigate what are the goals that an organization try to obtain by following each concept. This should lead to greater clarity when we communicate about the different concepts and to a better understanding of what are the pre-requisites for and implementation of each concept in order to obtain the desired goals.

Finally, I would like to make a strong argument for important parts of CD/DevOps being hard-core Configuration Management work that shouldn't be taken care of by "un-informed outsiders".