Skaane Network of Excellence in Software Configuration Management

Scandinavian SCM day

Presenters' bio:

Lars Bendix (Impressions from SCM-12 and SCM metrics):
Lars Bendix is a visiting professor at Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden. His main research interest is software configuration management and how it can be used to support software development processes. He is also interested in agile processes and their pedagogical use in software engineering education. He received a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Aarhus University, Denmark in 1986 and a PhD Degree from Aalborg University, Denmark in 1996.

Annita Persson Dahlqvist (SCM and Product Data Management (PDM)):
Annita Persson Dahlqvist is a nominated specialist in CM, SCM, and PDM for more than five years within Ericsson AB. She is the manager for the CM Managers group. She is also responsible for training, starting up new projects, process development, and supporting the organization regarding CM and PDM issues. In addition she is an industrial PhD student with a research interest in CM (especially in SCM), PDM, and how to automate processes and interoperability between tools for these activities.
She is the author of more than 10 refereed articles and papers on SCM, and PDM topics. Annita Persson Dahlqvist has been chairperson for three projects within the SCM and PDM area sponsored by The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries. In the latest project she also acted as co-writer of the resulting report.
Mrs. Persson Dahlqvist is the co-author of the book: Implementing and integrating Product Data Management and Software Configuration Management.
Annita Persson Dahlqvist has been a member of the Program Committee of SCM symposia during 1997, 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, and co-organizer 2005. She has also been a member of the Program Committee to the CBSE symposia 2004 2005 and CBSE workshops 2001-2004. Mrs. Persson Dahlqvist earned her B.Sc in computer science from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden 1985. She has been working for Ericsson AB since 1985, where she started as a software designer. Later on she worked as subsystem designer, project manager for software and quality projects, CM Manager, and team manager for CM Managers.

Ulf Asklund: (SCM in pervasive computing):
Ulf Asklund is working as a CM strategist at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications developing SCM strategies and processes. He is currenlty involved as the project manager to define a new corporate CM standard including how to identify, revise, and structure all product parts and documents.
Ulf Asklund is also an associate professor of configuration management with the Department of Computer Science at Lund University, Sweden. Ulf received his M.Sc. in electrical engineering in 1990 and earned his Ph.D. in computer science in 2002. His research interests include SCM and software engineering in general. He is especially interested in the developer view in software engineering, focusing on tool support and IDEs. His research also includes computer-supported cooperative work and PDM, and how these can be combined and integrated with SCM. Ulf is a senior researcher with the Lund University Center for Applied Software Research (LUCAS).
Ulf Asklund is the co-author of the book: Implementing and integrating Product Data Management and Software Configuration Management, Artech House, 2003.

Tero Kojo (Walking the fine line between formal and informal SCM control):
Tero Kojo is a project manager at SoftwarePoint, Finland. Previously he taught Software Configuration Management at the Helsinki University of Technology. He also has working experience from Nokia as a research engineer and project manager. He received his Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology in 1999 and a Licentiate Degree in Software Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2005.

Anne Mette Jonassen Hass (Let configuration management add value to your company):
Mrs. Anne Mette Jonassen Hass, M.Sc.C.E., has worked in IT since 1980. She has been involved in all aspects of software development in various types of businesses such as hospitals, the oil industry, telecommunication, hardware producers, and the space industry, in Denmark, Norway, England, France, and Italy.
Since 1995 she has worked as a senior consultant in DELTA's department IT-Processes, where she is now a partner. Mrs. Hass has worked with software test, requirements management, configuration management, Software Process Improvement, and maturity assessments as her main fields. Mrs. Hass holds ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Software Testing.
Mrs. Hass is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences, and has a solid experience in teaching at many levels. She has been the Danish country coordinator for the EuroSTAR conference for the 5 years, and was on the Programme Committee for the 2003 conference.
Mrs. Hass is the author of the book "Configuration Management Principles and Practice", Addison-Wesley 2003, and she has developed the team-game "Process Contest" which provides a fun way to learn development concepts and terms.

Andreas Göransson (Handling multiple software variants): Andreas Göransson is a senior staff software engineer and he is working as a team leader for the SCM/Build management team at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. He has been working with SCM for 5 years and currently his work is developing SCM strategies and processes.

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