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Presenters' bio:

Joachim Nilsson (Configure your CI and VCS for full automation):
Joachim Nilsson graduated from LTH (Datateknik) in 1995 and has been working with software development since then. Most often as developer and SCM.

Thomas Karlkvist (Automating unit integration and testing and Change management: configuration control versus change control):
Thomas Karlkvist holds a Master Of Science in Electrical Engineering and has worked with technical systems development for more than fifteen years, specializing at defining the optimal tools and method solutions for everyday development efforts to be as seamlessly integrated as possible for those working together in a project. He is a certified instructor for IBM Rational ClearCase/ClearQuest Configuration management tools. Representing Prevas as a fulltime consultant, he also provides seminars and education services as an independent consultant, company named CMON Consulting under the device "quality through efficency".

René Schaap ("RAM Capability Matrix" - an agile and versatile approach to assess IT disciplines):
René Schaap has more than 30 years experience in IT development projects, of which over 18 years experience with supporting disciplines like change & configuration management, validation & verification, and requirement engineering. René operates as principal Quality Management consultant for SQS Netherlands at international organisations, executes process assessments, conducts CCM trainings, and regularly presents his experience at national and international conferences. Beside his consultancy task René is president of the iNTernational Certified Configuration Manager Association (iNTCCM), which is an international and independent organisation promoting configuration management and certification of configuration management professionals.

Christian Pendleton (Ways of working in a CM team):
Christian Pendleton has been working with configuration management since 1994. He has always had a focus on processes and how CM integrates with the development process. Christian has worked primarily in large organisations with the complexity of numerous project members and distributed development.
Today, Christian is a senior consultant at Softhouse Consulting Oresund with a focus on CM in agile development processes.

Michael Steen Pedersen (A Day in the Life of a CM Person):
Michael Steen Pedersen is an experienced process consultant within the project and configuration management areas from small business like Traen to larger companies like SAS and Ericsson. Over the past 5 years he has focused on the CMMI framework, and he was responsible for the organizations to meet the CM requirements in CMMI appraisals for Post Denmark as well as for KMD Projects, where he still works. Michael was among the first to get a CM certification from INTCCM and he also follows the CMII work but he is now planning to dig deeper into ITIL than his foundation certification as an attempt to close the classical gap between development and IT service in Application Management.

Otto Vinter (Getting to the essentials of CM - what are our core tasks?):
Otto Vinter is an independent consultant and mentor ( advising clients based on his long and comprehensive experience in the software engineering field. He is a specialist in software process improvements for testing, requirements engineering, development models, and configuration management. He mentors project managers, and implements organization-wide CMMI compliant processes. He has often wondered why the CM processes are the hardest to implement in an organization.

Marc Girod (Branching h?st?ry):
Marc grew up and graduated in France (MSci - Supélec 1983). He moved to Finland, where he lived over 20 years, then to Ireland. He worked first as a software developer, later as a ClearCase administrator and build engineer. He is currently working for LM Ericsson in Athlone, Ireland. He invested similar passion into several technologies over his career: Transputers and Occam2, C++, and since 1994, ClearCase. He is interested in contemporary philosophy (existentialism and postmodernity).

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