Scandinavian Network of Excellence
Software Configuration Management

Scandinavian SCM day

About the presenters:

Richard Simko (Automating Traceability):
Richard Simko is a Software Engineer working as a tech lead for SaaS products at RefinedWiki and with a passion for Configuration Management. As a part of his role at RefinedWiki and his master's thesis he automated RefinedWiki's traceability generation for code, commits and JIRA tickets.

Ulf Steen (A Day in the Life of an SCM Person):
Ulf Steen has an education in Technical Physics at LTH from 1984. He has worked at "ABB" since, first as developer, then as project manager and technical product manager - and since 2004 as Configuration Manager. He is the global responsible for CM processes at ABB.

Lars Bendix (A Short Story of Long Transactions):
Lars Bendix is an associate professor at Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden. His main research interest is software configuration management and how it can be used to support software development processes. He is also interested in agile processes and their pedagogical use in software engineering education. He received a Master's Degree in Computer Science from Aarhus University, Denmark in 1986 and a PhD Degree from Aalborg University, Denmark in 1996.

Artour Klevin (Open Space: Continuous Delivery - The Game)
Artour Klevin - After completing MS in Computer Engineering at LTH in 2012, started to work at ABB and as CM from 2013. In 2016 he started to work as consultant at Softhouse. Currently consulting at Tetra Pak, introducing Continues Delivery. His current tool chain is TFS, Artifactory and Octopus.

Ina Volakh (Open Space: Continuous Delivery - The Game)
After getting BS in Informatics at Lunds University in 2007 she has started her work experience as a test engineer in telecom industry and since then have had a wide range of roles including test coordination, team lead, Scrum master and Configuration Management. In 2015 she joined Softhouse team and found her real interest and passion in Continuous Delivery. Currently consulting at Fingerprints as a configuration manager and helping customer to improve delivery flow by introducing Continuous Delivery.

Viktor Attoff, Tobias Landelius (Dependencies in a modular architecture)
Tobias Landelius and Viktor Attoff are both students at Lund Institute of Technology currently on the homestretch for a MSc in Software Engineering. Both found a course in Configuration Management particularly interesting and they are now working on a master thesis in the subject together with Softhouse Consulting Oresund.

Jacob NÝrbjerg (Continuous Software Engineering)
Jacob NÝrbjerg is an Associate Professor at the Department of IT Management, Copenhagen Business School. His research is directed towards the organization and management of systems development, knowledge management and software process improvement. Much of his research is carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners.

Paolo Tell (Continuous Software Engineering)
Paolo Tell is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science department of the IT University of Copenhagen. His background is rooted in system design and development of technologies to support (geographically distributed) software development teams. Still primarily focused on (globally distributed) software engineering, his research currently revolves around processes, process improvements, and hybrid software engineering with particular emphasis on industrial collaboration.